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Beauty treatments

At Lolfa Lois, we are pleased to offer a wide range of beauty treatments to make you feel beautiful and confident. Our experienced staff create a calm and professional environment to allow you to relax while receiving the highest quality care. We specialize in waxing and eyelash extensions - both of which are available in many styles, so you can get the look you desire.

You must be aged 18+ to receive most treatments at Lolfa Lois. Some treatments are available for under 18s with parental/guardian consent. Get in touch for more information.

Patch test

A patch test is required for most of the treatments carried out at Lolfa Lois at least 48 hours prior to the treatment.

Nouveau Lashes

Eyelashes extensions come in different styles and lengths and are custom-made too. Your Nouveau Lashes certified lash artist can create a bespoke look to suit your eyes using our variety of beautiful curls and lengths that won’t weigh down your natural lashes.

Nouveau Lashes

Aftercare advice by Nouveau Lashes

To achieve the maximum result from you Nouveau Lashes treatment, it is essential that you follow the relevant aftercare advice. Here are our Top Tips to get the best from your Nouveau Lashes: · Do not get lashes wet for the first 24 hours · Avoid touching, rubbing or introducing foreign bodies or contaminants into the treatment area. · Ensure lashes are not disturbed or manipulated into different position (e.g when sleeping, cleansing the face, applying moisturiser or cosmetic) · Do not use waterproof mascara · Use oil-free make up remover if mascara is worn. · Avoid steam, saunas and swimming for the first 48 hours. · Avoid strong sunlight or UV light (if tinted) For all Lash Extensions, we recommend that lashes are washed daily with Nouveau Lashes Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser to maintain optimum hygiene.

SPMU Eyebrows

Eyebrows FAQs

Want to know more about our eyebrow treatments? Or not sure which treatment to go for? Visit our FAQs page to guide you through the treatments.

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